All you need to know about teeth whitening!

Over time, everyone’s teeth color gradually transitions from white to yellow. This can occur because of our diet, lifestyle, and naturally with age. Luckily, there are new and easy ways to help fight against this natural occurrence.  Through modern technology, dentists are now able to provide in-office and at-home whitening kits to patients who would like to brighten their smile. These tools provide patients with the ability to regain their bright youthful smile without having to spend excessive amounts of money.

Dr. Jacob Yosafat, a specialist in adult dentistry at Jacob Yosafat DDS, in Cincinnati, OH, is able to provide patients with the ability to regain their youthful, bright smile through an in-office whitening treatment. Unlike the teeth whitening kits you buy in stores that can have adverse effects such as ill-fitting trays and burning of the jaw, Dr. Yosafat provides patients with custom trays. These custom trays are contoured to each patient’s unique mouth, ensuring efficiency and comfort.

Any questions you may have regarding teeth whitening can be answered by Dr. Yosafat, a teeth whitening specialist, as well as the other staff members at Jacob Yosafat, DDS. There are multiple teeth whitening options that their team will go over and will try to match the procedure that best fulfills the needs of each patient.

You no longer have to live life with yellow teeth. With new modern technology you can now have the bright, white smile you always dreamed of. Dr. Jacob Yosafat at Jacob Yosafat, DDS in Cincinnati, OH is able to provide you with all of the information available so you can choose which whitening procedure is the best decision towards your healthier and happier smile. If you would like to learn more about the treatment mentioned above or any other adult dentistry we can help with please visit our website, You can also call us at our Cincinnati, OH office at (513)-385-8482 or email us at

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