New Dental App to remind you to brush

We have so many things to remember these days; we set so many reminders to not forget to pick up the milk or to mail that letter. Now there is an app to remind you that you need to brush your teeth. A dentist in London has created an app, “The Brush DJ” that reminds you of all your dental needs: when to brush, how long to brush, when to change your tooth brush, and when to make an appointment to see your dentist.

Polls have shown that a high percentage of men and women neglect to brush their teeth at night. There is an equally high number of people who forget to floss. The recommended time to brush to your teeth is two minutes; unfortunately the longest time on average is around 45 seconds. This new app can play the song or theme of your choice for the designated two minutes for you to brush your teeth along with.

The app is the wave of technology reminding us of our daily activities. The app though is in no way a means of replacing your routine dental visits and should not be used in that way. The app is a reminder tool for your dental hygiene. To learn more about the app and where you can find it click here.

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