Prevention of Oral Cancer

The number of people getting oral cancer is slowly on the rise. However, there are things that you can do now, to help lessen your chances of being at risk. One of the first and easy things you can do is change your diet. We all know that smoking and drinking can heighten your risk of cancer, but another important factor is your overall diet.

When you eat foods that contain the chemicals such as nitrosamines that are in certain foods such as fish, fish by products, as well as cheese and dairy products you are heightening your chances of being at risk for oral cancer. The reason for this is that when cells in our body are exposed to this kind of chemical, it can harm the information within, which could be dangerous later.

With all this information, it seems like you could be a lost cause. There is hope, changing your diet to healthier foods can decrease your chances of getting oral cancer, along with exercise. To learn more about the information mentioned above as well as other helpful tips click here .

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